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Spending money wisely

When it goes to spending money we are not always responsible. Buying things just make all of us happy so we keep buying new staff.

During shopping, we usually buy things that we need, unfortunately quite often we buy things that we want, but by the time we’re in shop, we are 100% sure that we need all of this.



Here are some easy tips to help you stop spending too much money.

  1. Indicate your needs and your wants

This step is the most important thing to do. To make sure that you see the difference I want you to imagine something. Imagine that you are in the store. You went there because your fridge is already empty and as humans we have to eat and drink. This means that your priority is food that you need to buy. So, now you have finished your food shopping but you suddenly recall that you don’t have any washing powder left at home, so you go to the ‘chemistry section’ and take a washing powder but with the corner of your eye, you can see that there is a shower gel that you really like, so you take it. You don’t even think that you already have 3 shower gels at home. You like it means you buy it. It only cost a £1.50, it’s like nothing. That is how you buy the things that you want, not what you need. Because the price is good, doesn’t mean you need it. You just want to have it.

To indicate your needs and wants I would advise to write it all down and make sure that you know your priorities. Make a table and change it every week, depending on what you HAVE TO and for what you WANT TO pay for.

  1. Make a shopping list and stick to it

Every time, you go shopping make a clear list of what you have to pay for, such as milk, bread etc. If you find in the shop something that you really like, but it is not on your list, ask yourself ‘Is that thing really necessary to buy or is it just something that I wish I could have’. Other question that you should ask yourself if the thing cost more than £10 is ‘Can I really afford this right now?’ or ‘Should I spend it on something more important’. We have to think about consequences of our shopping. Just think now, how much do you spend on staff that you don’t necessary need.

Just remember, we are ALL doing this sometimes but if you’ll focus on your shopping and recall this post while shopping, you can really make a difference to your finance.

Every, even tiny step to self-discipline will make your life happier. Don’t be sad that you haven’t bought something that you didn’t need. BE PROUD!


Small Budget Lady


Little task for you: Think about every single thing you have recently bought in the last month and tell me in the comment what was it and how much it was. This exercise, will help you recognise how easily and impulsive we spend our money.